HEAL Mini-Grant maximum ask increased

It’s that time of year to apply for a HEAL Mini-Grant! The 2023-24 application is open, and we’ve made a few changes. But first, here’s a reminder of what our mini-grants are all about – increasing access to healthy choices by implementing a policy, system or environmental (PSE) strategy.  

PSE strategies are improvements that stand the test of time. They’re sustainable and available to anyone in the community. From adopting a healthy vending policy that impacts an entire school population or adding a new way of accessing fruit and vegetables in the food system to repairing a community basketball or tennis court or adding bilingual signs to any public recreation resource or farmers market, PSE strategies help community members make healthier choices and complement health programs.  

New Online Application System 
The most significant change is that we’re using a new system, so there’s a new way of submitting your online application. Applicants can no longer register to start their application and return later to complete it or make edits. Applicants will only be able to create and complete their online application once. Our new system does not provide a save function.  

So, what’s new? 

Maximum Request 
With permission from our funder, The BlueCross® BlueShield®, the maximum amount that can be requested for the proposed project has increased from $5,000 to $6,000. The increase is due to the current economy and the increase in costs of project supplies.  

On-Demand Technical Assistance 
Applicants will have easier access to technical assistance, a.k.a help, regarding the application, how to complete a budget, and PSE strategies. The video tutorials can be found on the mini-grant website. If you need additional help understanding the mini-grant process or have questions the videos do not address, you can email Kelsey Sanders at kelsey@wholespire.org. 

Project Examples Webpage 
We created a webpage featuring articles about HEAL Mini-Grants, partners’ projects and other past mini-grants to show you the projects we fund. Use the information to form ideas for your proposed project or one you’re currently planning.  

If you want to apply for a HEAL Mini-Grant, you must meet specific requirements:  

  • Applicants may be a current 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization OR use a fiscal agent who is a current 501(c)(3) including, but not limited to, Wholespire chapters, community coalitions, schools, local governments, or faith-based organizations.  
  • If your organization is not a 501(c)(3), you must provide the information for the fiscal agent you selected. 
  • The budget for your request must not exceed $6,000. If it does, your application will not be considered. 
  • The proposed project must be a PSE strategy. 

For more information, visit our website or email Kelsey Sanders, MPH, CHES, at kelsey@wholespire.org