Wholespire rebrand will be complete by December 31

benefits of being a chapter

Download the Benefits of Becoming a Wholespire Chapter

It’s no surprise that we changed our name and branding to Wholespire, but we’re tying up some loose ends. By December 31, we will have completely ended all uses of the name Eat Smart Move More South Carolina (ESMMSC). What does this mean for our chapters? It means an opportunity to use our new brand and take advantage of the new benefits of being a chapter.

This year has been full of changes for Wholespire. We’ve adopted a new strategic plan with an emphasis on diversity, equity, and inclusion. New policies and procedures are in place. Staff intentionally revised the benefits of being a chapter and placed priority on chapter support.

“The purpose of becoming a chapter is to promote and advance the Wholespire mission and vision within the chapter’s community. This can be a huge effort because chapter members volunteer their time while juggling their full-time employment responsibilities,” said Meg Stanley, Wholespire executive director. “That’s why we want to provide more support and services to our chapters and make marketing and communications more manageable.”

When our ESMMSC chapters choose to become a Wholespire chapter and when we gain new chapters, most of the benefits of being a chapter are free.

Marketing and Communications

Chapters receive a professional digital file of the Wholespire logo that includes the chapter name, as well as social media profile graphics and a brand identity guide with tips on how to use the logo and social media. Chapters can choose to use a free website if they have a chapter member who is able to keep it updated. An email address @wholespire.org is available to chapters, as well as social media guidance and chapter management templates. In addition, when a chapter hosts or co-hosts events, Wholespire will promote the events on its social media channels.

PSE Change Implementation Guidance

One of the perks that have always been available to chapters is free guidance, or technical assistance, around chapter growth and initiatives. At Wholespire, we want to give our chapters the best possible chance to become the “go-to” community coalition authority on healthy eating, active living, chronic disease, and other health issues that can be prevented or managed by increasing access to healthy choices. We offer guidance on capacity building, partnership development, advocacy, youth engagement, and evaluation.

Funding Opportunities

Every organization needs funding to sustain its work, and that’s no different for Wholespire chapters. The benefits of being a chapter include gaining firsthand knowledge about funding opportunities from Wholespire and its partners. Also, when you apply for an external grant, you can choose to identify Wholespire as your fiscal agent at a reduced cost than non-chapters.

Training, Education, and Networking

Professional development and keeping chapters in the know are important benefits of being a chapter. We’re stepping up our communication and professional development offerings to give our chapters the advantage. As a Wholespire chapter, you receive the Whole Community newsletter to stay updated on what’s happening at Wholespire and around the state and nation. You get access to the annual Leadership Summit for Healthy Communities, regional trainings, leadership trainings, and webinars. In addition, you get to participate on periodic chapter leader calls to discuss key strategies, issues, and opportunities for chapters.

By becoming a Wholespire chapter, not only do you get the benefits of being a chapter, but you also get to take advantage of Wholespire’s increased marketing around its new brand. Studies show that when a person sees consistent messaging and images, they are more likely to remember it and take action, whether it be joining a chapter, becoming an advocate, contacting the chapter, or any other call to action. With our new website and stronger search engine optimization strategies, your chapter will show up higher in search results. On our website, we’ve placed emphasis on our chapters and made them easier to find. Also, we have big plans in store for promoting our chapters, their work, and their volunteers.

Now is the time to make that change to a Wholespire chapter! If you want to become a Wholespire chapter, you need to make that change before December 31 because ESMM will no longer be recognized. To make the change, email Kelsey Allen at kelsey@wholespire.org.