Anton Gunn to give keynote at Leadership Summit

The Leadership Summit for Healthy Communities’ Planning Committee is pleased to announce nationally-recognized leadership development expert Anton Gunn will provide the keynote address on October 29 at the Florence Center. Gunn is a former senior advisor to President Barack Obama and the world’s leading authority on Socially Conscious Leadership.

Leadership Summit attendees will learn what is required to become a legacy leader – a leader who drives others to be successful. According to Gunn, “If you want to be a leader that has impact, you must increase your skills in the areas that will have the greatest impact on others. It’s simple. The better your skills, the better your impact.”

Leaders are found on all levels of communities, businesses, and organizations. Gunn says that you don’t have to have a big title or the corner office to be a good leader. He says that all you need to do is decide to be great for other people. This is what impact leaders do.

From playing SEC football and being the first African American in history elected to the South Carolina legislature from his district early in his career, to now working as a C-level executive for an academic health system and serving on multiple boards, he has spent his life helping people build diverse, high-performing teams and world-class leadership culture.

Gunn is expected to provide Leadership Summit attendees with an inspirational message they can take back and use in their work to increase impact not only as a leader in their organization or coalition, but also with healthy eating and active living strategies.

Gunn has a Masters degree in Social Work from the University of South Carolina and was a Resident Fellow at Harvard University. He is the bestselling author of The Presidential Principles and has been featured in TIME magazine, Inc. magazine, the Wall St Journal, BBC News, NPR and on Good Morning America. As an international speaker and consultant, he has worked with organizations like Microsoft, Sodexo, KPMG, Verizon Wireless, Aetna, American College of Surgeons, FINRA, and the Boeing Company.

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