Built Environment Sessions to Address Diverse Settings

Do residents in your community have opportunities to be physical active?  Are these opportunities determined by where people live?  Are your community leaders and decision makers creating opportunities so that all residents can be active, and what is your role to ensure that this happens?  Learn how communities are addressing these issues, and leave with tools, resources, and connections that will help you and local partners.

The Leadership Summit will offer numerous opportunities to learn about successful, community initiatives:

  1. Connecting Communities with the East Coast Greenway. This session will highlight how one South Carolina local community worked with the East Coast Greenway on a project that will link hundreds of communities from Maine to Florida with safe, off-road trail facilities for walking and biking.
  2. Funding Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities and Programs in SC Using Local, State, and Federal Public and Private Sources. This session will explore the ins and outs of finding and using funds for local bicycle- and walk- friendly initiatives. Whether your community is working on sidewalks, streetscaping, watershed management, bike lanes, multi-use path, or bike or pedestrian safety programs, this session will explain how to get these initiatives funded.
  3. Planning for Active Living and Healthy Food Access at the Statewide and Local Levels. This session will focus on how rural communities can create walkability/bikeability opportunities, by working with local planners on healthy comprehensive plan. Learn how a local community embraced new partnerships and help create a healthy comprehensive plan for their residents.
  4. Leadership Panel: Why HEAL Matters: Hear from an elected official, city manager, school principal, healthcare administrator, and a worksite health plan administrator on why healthy eating active living initiatives and policies are important.  Learn how these leaders were able to work with community partners and create lasting changes in their communities, schools, and worksites, and about opportunities and challenges that they faced. 
  5. Subliminal Health: Why Transportation Planning and Design Matter to Health Outcomes: (Optional Workshop: Ticketed Event). Attend a 2.5 hour workshop that is being facilitated by Alta Planning + Design This 2.5 hour workshop, facilitated by Alta Planning + Design,  focuses on research related to the link between transportation planning and design and health outcomes and guides the audience through specific strategies that create opportunities for healthier lifestyles. Alta’s regional senior staff will provide case study examples from South Carolina and southeastern communities. The session will include an exercise with audience participation to apply information gained during the event.

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