City of Newberry Gets Wheelchair-Accessible Swings


The City of Newberry unveiled two new accessible wheelchair swings recently at Marion Davis Park.

The swings, IP15 iSwings, are the first of their kind in the United States. Scott Sawyer, City of Newberry Parks, Recreation and Tourism director said that not only was it a great day in Newberry, but an even greater moment for the special needs community.

“This particular project started in the winter of 2015, so we’re about two years into this. Staff met with some parents of special needs children in spring of 2016 and in September 2016 the City established the first Recreation Accessibility Team,” Sawyer said. “Thankfully in November we secured a Parks and Recreation Development Fund Grant of $30,000. Once that came to fruition, we knew we could upgrade and get the best things for these kids and adults.”

The IP15 iSwings were manufactured by the Inclusive Play Company, based in Edinburgh, Scotland.