Colleton County Community Comes Together to Feed Residents Facing Food Insecurity

Christian-based organizations across the state have stepped up their mission-driven work to help their communities in times of crisis. In His Name-Colleton is one of those organizations that recognized the increased food insecurity problem caused by COVID-19 and need help to reach more people. They applied for a Rapid Response Grant from Eat Smart Move More South Carolina to pay for healthy food and personal protective equipment associated with their food distribution program.

For four weeks, In His Name-Colleton prepared and delivered 1,119 meals and 485 bags of vegetables and fruit. People of all ages pitched in to make the distributions happen. In addition to the grant, they received additional funds from community members, and they partnered with Faith Church Walterboro and Borden Dairy to distribute 300 gallons of milk each week for six weeks. That’s a lot of milk!

In His Name-Colleton was able to reach more seniors, homebound, low-income, and single-parent families than they normally do through their food, hygiene, and shelter efforts.

In His Name-Colleton is a 501(c)(3) interdenominational Christian-based organization dedicated to feeding, clothing, sheltering, and supporting individuals and families in Colleton County, especially those suffering an immediate crisis.

To learn more about In His Name-Colleton, visit their Facebook page.