Continuum of Collaboration

Gain a deeper understanding of collaboration! From newbies to seasoned coalition leaders, everyone will hear about new ideas, the key reasons behind why people participate in community coalitions, how to recruit potential members, and most importantly how to keep them engaged. You’ll get ideas to broaden coalition membership while also recognizing the importance of aligning current collaborative efforts with new partners to accomplish overall goals.

Dr. Pam Imm received her doctorate in clinical and community psychology from the University of South Carolina. She began working with community coalitions to reduce and prevent alcohol and drug use back in the early 1990s. As a community psychologist, Dr. Imm continues to work with local, state, and national agencies to improve collaborative efforts in prevention. She is affiliated with LRADAC, the alcohol and drug use agency in Lexington and Richland Counties and is a co-founder of The Courage Center, a local recovery community organization that focuses on youth and families.