Growing Healthy Habits with School Gardens and the Faith, Activity and Nutrition Program

During this presentation, Amy Dabbs and Carolyn Lindstrom with Clemson Extension School and Community Gardening will review the benefits of school gardening and resources available for South Carolina schools to grow and sustain their gardens. The Clemson Extension School Gardening for South Carolina Educators program works closely with state and community partners to provide high-quality professional training and technical support for school gardening initiatives. The program pairs a standards-based curriculum for grades K-8 with ongoing technical support that utilizes the Clemson Extension network of extension agents and volunteers. Examples of how schools have made the connections between their gardens, the classroom, and the cafeteria will be shared. The goal is to equip educators with the skills and materials needed to enrich garden-based learning and support school wellness initiatives through the development of successful school gardens.

Dr. Zora Denson serves as a FAN (Faith Activity Nutrition) Coordinator. This initiative was developed by the University of South Carolina’s Prevention Resource Center. It addresses common health conditions impacting congregations and communities. She coordinates the FAN monthly assembling and participation of thirty-five local churches. The two-hour program focuses on physical activity and healthy eating.