Pre-Conference Workshops will get You Fired Up

Jump start your Leadership Summit experience by attending one of two pre-conference workshops that will arm you with tools, information, and inspiration to ignite your community’s healthy eating and active living strategies. The best part about the pre-conference workshops is that they’re a bonus and included in the cost of registration!

Our friends at ALTA Planning + Design in Greenville are providing you with an opportunity to learn more about inspiring your community to help sustain a culture of physical activity. We all know that physical activity is an important part of healthy lifestyles. That’s why we work hard to ensure all community members have access to safe places for physical activity, whether it be through wayfinding signs, sidewalk improvements, bike lane additions, or any other component of making the environment safer.

John Cock with ALTA Planning + Design will make you think about what it takes to inspire and sustain a culture of physical activity. He will use his experience designing, developing, and implementing biking and walking programs and share what it takes to develop local bike/walk programs, how to identify and engage community volunteers in the launch of programs, and strategies for evaluating program success.  He will engage you in a discussion about the role of various community partners, including health department staff, advocates, local government staff, school district staff, and others.

While some will attend the ALTA Planning + Design workshop, others will be learning about Live Healthy South Carolina. Our partners at the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (SCDHEC) will dive into a new initiative in partnership with the Alliance for a Healthier South Carolina that focuses on improving the health of every South Carolinian.

In our work, we realize that we can’t accomplish our goals alone. It takes a team of partners and a lot of collaboration to reinforce our message of making the healthy choice, the easy choice. SCDHEC and the Alliance for a Healthier South Carolina have joined forces to created Live Healthy South Carolina: The South Carolina State Health Improvement Plan. SCDHEC’s Barbara Grice and Suzanne Sanders will educate you on the first statewide health assessment and improvement plan and how you can use this tool to guide your community work. It’s a framework for building partnerships across healthcare, public health, and community sectors, sharing data to establish priorities for health improvement, and aligning resources whenever possible.

When you choose to attend the Leadership Summit for Healthy Communities, October 29-30, at the Spartanburg Marriott, please make sure you choose one of our pre-conference workshops. Remember, they’re included in the cost of registration. Register today!