Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Wholespire seeks to be a leader in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) within the workplace and throughout our community work to ensure fair and impartial processes and policies are used to create a more welcoming and united environment for everyone. 

We are taking specific action to ensure DEI is at the forefront of our work such as:

  • Assessing our DEI landscape,
  • Adopting and revising policies and procedures, and
  • Ensuring our board, committees, and partnerships are representative of the populations our work impacts.

We strive to integrate DEI, with a focus on racial equity, throughout the entire organization and within our Wholespire chapters. We hope to influence our partners to take the same action. 

The Wholespire DEI framework is outlined in four areas of practice.

Wholespire DEI Framework Outline

Culture in Action

The organization takes intentional action to ensure a commitment to our core values of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) with a focus on racial equity throughout the entire organization.


All policies are developed to first embody the Wholespire core values, ensure legal compliance, and foster a respectful workplace for all individuals.

Employee & Community Training

DEI and REI training is included in ongoing employee professional development and is offered to Wholespire chapters and community partners.

Flexible Work Arrangements

Wholespire supports hybrid remote working models that allow all individuals work/life harmony.

Ergonomic Requests

Employees may request supportive equipment that may assist in completing day-to-day work activities.

Movement in Meetings

In alignment with the organizational mission, meetings encourage movement and support mobility variances.

Pay Equity in Action

Pay Equity is integral to our culture at Wholespire and in all people’s practices. Our policy is to hire, retain, develop, promote, and otherwise treat all employees fairly on the basis of performance, capabilities, qualifications, competence, organizational impact, and experience. We apply this policy regardless of an employee’s race, gender, sexual orientation, or any other personal characteristics.

The leadership team recognizes the importance of an inclusive and diverse workforce and is fully supportive of our commitment to fair & equitable people practices.

Outlined below are key steps included in our approach to ensure fair and measurable pay practices.

Compensation Benchmarking & Analysis

The organization partners with an HR Consulting firm to conduct local and national pay benchmarking. The data is compared to employee pay ranges, job descriptions, organizational budget, and financial projections.

Budget Stewardship

The Executive Director is committed to making sound financial and operational decisions in an effort to support the continued sustainability and growth of the organization.

New Hires

Job offers and starting pay rates are determined by market pay rates, budget, salary pay ranges, candidate’s previous work experience, Wholespire related work experience, education, and position-related skills.

Career Growth Plans

The Executive Director conducts weekly one-on-one meetings and bi-annual reviews to establish individual career and compensation goals and action plans.

Open Door Policy

If any employee has a question or concern, leadership encourages the employee to contact them immediately in the method that is best suited for the employee.

Recruiting & Hiring in Action

Wholespire is committed to implementing recruitment and hiring strategies that are centered around our DEI initiatives.

Job Posting

Job postings are reviewed to remove any potential language bias and are focused on job-related skills.

Recruitment Source

When possible, a third-party minority-owned recruiting firm will lead recruiting efforts to hire for open positions. All postings will be distributed across a broad spectrum of job boards, career groups, HBCU career centers, and other sources related to the position.

Interview Questions

DEI-related interview questions are incorporated into the interview process, i.e., “What does diversity mean to you?”

Vendor Diversity 

Consistent practice is the leadership’s responsibility in promoting DEI outside of the company by doing business with a variety of suppliers and vendors. The organization utilizes the goods and services of minority- and women-owned businesses to support its day-to-day operations. Wholespire will use an RFP, proposal, and selection process to build a diverse base for all workplace contracts such as vendors, consultants, speakers, partners, and facilitators.