Continuum of Collaboration (live)


Gain a deeper understanding of collaboration! From newbies to seasoned coalition leaders, everyone will hear about new ideas, the key reasons behind why people participate in community coalitions, how to recruit potential members, and most importantly how to keep them engaged. You'll get ideas to broaden coalition membership while also recognizing the importance of aligning current collaborative efforts with new partners to accomplish overall goals.

New and Emerging Public Health Research on HEAL

The USC Arnold School of Public Health conducts research on various healthy eating and active living topics each year. Dr. Andrew Kaczynski will give you a birds-eye view into the latest research happening now and what's coming down the pike. Dr. Kaczynski's research focuses on healthy community design and important health outcomes such as physical […]

SC Local Food Summit

Growing Local South Carolina is hosting this food system leadership event focused on bringing together a diverse range of individuals, organizations, and sectors working in food production, distribution, distribution, training/TA, and advocacy/policy to set priorities around local food systems. Participants will spend a portion of the meeting racial caucusing as well as developing action items […]

SC Population Health Summit

Population level changes cannot happen by an individual organization or agency; but a collaborative group made up of multi-sectoral partnerships can advance community health improvement efforts and greatly influence social impact. By developing and strengthening relationships across sectors, we can blend the strengths and resources of diverse sectors and partners who share a common vision […]

Managing Media Relations

Working with the media can be intimidating when you don’t know what you’re doing. During this webinar, you will learn what reporters want in a news story and how to get the news coverage your organization needs to elevate awareness of healthy eating and active living initiatives and resources in your community. Participants will gain […]

Utilizing School-based Mental Health & Wellness Services

Enhancing student access to mental health services is a priority for the state of South Carolina. During this webinar, you will learn about the availability of various mental health and wellness services and resources that can be accessed with the help of mental health counselors in South Carolina schools. Find out how connecting students, school counselors, and communities can improve the social and emotional climate at school and home.