TQ Davis

Taquina Davis, PhD, MA, CHES, Secretary

Managing Partner
Health E Strategies

Dr. Taquina Davis has over ten years of experience demonstrating the ability to partner with multiple sectors effectively, including managing and assisting with advocacy, health and racial equity, community engagement and healthcare delivery. She has the desire and experience to work for and with organizations that help strengthen and implement strategies designed to achieve health equity. Her experience includes program development, management, community health, population health, complementary and alternative health, chronic disease prevention and wellness.

As a leader in community health, she works in and with communities to substantially impact and improve community health outcomes. At Health E Strategies, her responsibilities include developing, implementing, evaluating, and maintaining comprehensive, evidence-based chronic disease prevention and wellness programs for community members who are underserved and uninsured.

She has also led local coalitions by overseeing the development and design of plans and logic models and cultivating resources with new partners to support community health and health equity priorities. Dr. Davis also serves as an advisor on related projects and initiatives on various local community coalitions, boards and advocacy committees by assisting with advancing state and local public health practice interventions to help achieve health equity.

Taquina has her MA in Health & Wellness with a concentration in alternative medicine and her Ph.D. in Health Education and Promotion.