Access to Healthy Choices

We want informed influencers and empowered communities who work together to ensure an equitable South Carolina, where everyone has access to healthy choices. Our mission is to provide community coalitions with proven and sustainable approaches that lead to increased access to healthy choices for ALL people.

Diabetes, heart disease, and other health issues can be prevented and managed when people have access to healthy choices. Access means grocery stores within walking distance and neighborhoods with unbroken or uneven sidewalks. Also, access means parks with lights and playgrounds with safe equipment. When communities don’t have access to healthy choices, individual health and standards of living are poor. Fortunately, communities across South Carolina want to change this reality but they need help. That’s where Wholespire comes in.

We give community coalitions the knowledge and understanding they need to improve the quality of life of everyone. With good solutions, lasting healthy change can happen.

Examples of good solutions that can improve access.

  • A city or town creating a complete plan that guides transportation, utilities, land use, recreation, and housing growth.
  • A coalition buying and placing exercise equipment in a public park for all community members to use.
  • Teens making a cut-through path to school safer by installing trash cans and signs.

It’s about more than just healthy choices.

By working with community coalitions, we can make other positive changes happen.

  • Gaps in health can be lowered.
  • Quality of life can be improved.
  • Communities can be more balanced.

In addition, access to healthy choices helps cities and towns grow and blossom. Businesses see an increase in sales. Property owners see an increase in the value of their property. Tourism increases for those cities and towns. These are just a few of the benefits of increasing access to healthy choices.