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External Reviewer Opportunity

Wholespire seeks volunteer external reviewers to evaluate Healthy Eating and Active Living (HEAL) Mini-Grant applications. The HEAL Mini-Grant aims to assist communities in creating opportunities for equitable access to nutritious food and safe places to be physically active through the policy, systems and environmental change approach.

About the Review Process

Providing a fair application review process is important to Wholespire. That’s why we use a layered approach and redact identifying information to remove possible biases before any application is reviewed.

External reviewers review at least three redacted applications and complete their review tasks remotely.

After all completed reviews have been returned, a pre-determined team of external partners and Wholespire staff meet to discuss the review results and determine the accepted applications.

The funder provides final approval, including the budget, before award notifications are communicated.

Time Commitment

Our review process begins with a one-hour virtual training for all external reviewers chosen to participate. Most reviews require an estimated 10-hour commitment over 2 weeks. Wholespire will provide specific details and timeframes.

Eligibility Information

Reviewers should have some knowledge or experience in:

Policy, systems and environmental change strategies

Improving access to healthy eating and active living

Community-driven health improvement initiatives

Youth-led civic action projects

Reviewers must currently live in or have lived in South Carolina.

This lends to the reviewer’s ability to understand the South Carolina community landscape.

Reviewers must use and access the following programs:

Google Forms

Microsoft Office Excel (version 2010 or later)

Web-based programs such as email, SharePoint and Zoom

External reviewers must:

Remain responsive with the Wholespire points of contact throughout the entire review period.

All reviewers are carefully screened for:

Conflicts of interest to ensure a fair process for applicants. For example, we would prioritize members of the public who are not affiliated with a current grantee or applicant to reduce the conflicts they may have.

How to Become an External Reviewer

If you would like to be considered as an external reviewer for Wholespire, click on the button below to complete the application.

Volunteer to Become an External Reviewer

If you would like to be considered as an external reviewer for Wholespire, complete our application!