The Best Outdoor Activities for an Active Lifestyle

outdoor-trailDo you want to get outside and be more active but don’t know where to begin? It’s not always easy to stay energized about maintaining an active lifestyle when you’re stuck doing the same activities in the same places. Fortunately, there are plenty of outdoor activities in South Carolina where you can go to get your heart rate up and discover something new in the process.

Finding the right type of physical activity for you and doing it in a new scenic location—these are some of the best ways to be and stay active! When you’re truly enjoying yourself during physical activity, you won’t notice just how much exercise you’re getting. As a result, you’ll probably push yourself further than you would have if you were doing the same activity indoors or at the gym.

That’s right, fitness folks! Workouts don’t need to feel like work. In order to help you strike the perfect balance between enjoyment and exercise, let’s take a look at a few outdoor activities in South Carolina our team likes.

Hiking the Palmetto Trail

The best way to take in any beautiful place is on foot. On the Palmetto Trail, you’ll be able to soak up all the scenic grandeur of South Carolina—from the mountains and the lakes to the cities and the small towns—all on your own two feet, or on a bicycle seat if that’s your preference.

On 350 miles out of the planned 500-mile-long cross-state trail, the foundation designated 26 different passages. These passages range in length from 1.3 to nearly 50 miles. Hikers and backpackers can enjoy the entire trail, and certain areas are open to mountain biking and even horseback riding, too.

Whether you’re looking for a breezy day trip or a challenging thru-hike, the Palmetto Trail is a great place to get your heart rate going. Who knows, maybe someday you’ll be able to say you covered all 500 miles of the trial, from Walhalla to Awendaw!

Cycling on Highway 11

Some fitness fans prefer fast-paced activity. If that’s you, check out Highway 11, also known as the Cherokee Foothills Scenic Highway. If you cycle along this road, you can see up to eight of South Carolina’s beautiful state parks in just one day. (You might have to plan a separate trip back to each park so you don’t miss any exciting natural landmarks.) Dust off that bike and hit the road!

Birdwatching in Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge

Remember when we said that if you make physical fitness fun you may not notice just how much exercise you’re getting? Well, if you’re a lover of wildlife, then birdwatching may just be that “fun” workout you need.

South Carolina has a wide array of parks and wildlife refuges where you can go to catch a glimpse of rare and endangered bird species, with Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge being among the most popular. Go there intending to find plovers and pelicans and leave with a new record step count on your fitness band.